Corporate Recruiter Solution

The Johnson Group, Inc. is a Corporate Recruiter Company that will significantly reduce the costs of your staffing and recruiting efforts through no more placements fees and becoming a true partner to help your firm obtain top talent.  Simply put, our service allows you to hire The Johnson Group, Inc. as your full time Corporate Recruiter for all of your hiring needs large or small.  Through utilizing our experienced recruiting team, we provide full cycle staffing and recruiting services on unlimited positions, resume database management, job description development, position advertising, interview coordination, and retention consultation at no additional cost. We permanently eliminate expensive placements fees by becoming your internal recruiting partner. Instead, you pay a

salary (bi-weekly payments) to our firm as if we were an internal employee.




We have successfully teamed with human resources departments and hiring managers. We take the full burden of recruiting off of your hands by handling each and every step of the full cycle recruiting process. Allow your managers to get back to revenue
producing activities and not spend wasteful hours sifting through resumes and useless interviews. With The Johnson Group, Inc. as your internal recruiting source, you will see better resumes, top talent, low recruiting costs, and higher production, in less time.
We are determined to deliver results while developing a professional long term relationship that will have a lasting positive impact
on your firm.

Customer Benefits

•    No more placement fees

•    Decrease your staffing costs

•    Fixed cost for all staffing and recruiting

•    Find great talent faster and more efficiently

•    We fill unlimited vacancies

•    Job description development and position    


•    Utilization of propriety recruiting techniques

•    Proven streamlined processes

•    We are a true partner to help your firm


•    Weekly hiring status updates

•    You receive filtered candidates who are

     available, interested, and qualified

•    One point of contact for all of your needs

•    We manage all of your existing vendors  

      Your firm obtains long term in-house                   recruiting from our award winning team

“…it’s comforting to know you have a firm on your side that listens to you needs and understands your business culture.”

- Comesha Cunningham

Kitchell CEM, Inc.

“…they approach their work with integrity”
                                  – Kathy Witherow 
Anova Architects

Our Advantages over an In-House Recruiter

  • Not only do you get the benefits of having one point of contact for your recruiting needs, but you also receive the benefit of multiple recruiters working on your positions.

  •  20+ Years of high performance staffing and recruiting experience

  • You'll receive the benefits of our proprietary Sourcing Management System

  • Utilization of proprietary recruiting techniques

  • Motivated recruiting team

  • You do not incur the cost of medical benefits (that you would otherwise pay an internal recruiter)

  • You do not incur the cost of employee burden (including worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, payroll taxes, 401K contributions, etc.)