Case Study: ACCO Engineered Systems Streamlines Recruiting Process With The Johnson Group

Case Study: ACCO Engineered Systems Streamlines Recruiting Process With The Johnson Group

The Johnson Group is a renowned Talent Acquisition and Recruiting firm, known for helping businesses across various industries in finding and acquiring top talent for their growth and success. One of their recent success stories involves their partnership with ACCO Engineered Systems, a leading mechanical contracting company in the United States. ACCO was facing challenges in their recruitment process and turned to The Johnson Group for assistance. Through their services, The Johnson Group was able to help ACCO streamline its recruiting process and save on payment fees, resulting in a successful partnership between the two companies.

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The Challenge of Recruiting for ACCO Engineered Systems

ACCO Engineered Systems, a mechanical contracting company with over 40 years of experience, was struggling with its recruiting process. With a large workforce and multiple job openings, they were facing difficulties in finding and hiring the right candidates for their unique culture. The process was not only time-consuming but also costly, with the company having to pay high fees to recruitment agencies. This was affecting their bottom line and hindering their growth. Realizing the need for a more efficient and cost-effective solution, ACCO turned to The Johnson Group for help.

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The Solution Provided by The Johnson Group

The Johnson Group understood the challenges faced by ACCO and offered a customized solution to meet their needs. They recommended the use of their Corporate Recruiter Solution (CRS), which leverages their vast network and expertise in talent acquisition to source top candidates for their clients. The CRS service works on a performance-based fee structure, which meant that ACCO would only have to pay a fee once a candidate was successfully placed, thus cutting down on upfront costs and reducing the financial burden on the company.

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The Benefits of CRS for ACCO Engineered Systems

With the CRS service, The Johnson Group acted as a strategic partner for ACCO Engineered Systems, understanding their business needs and culture to find the right fit for their organization. This resulted in significant efficiency for the company, as they no longer had to spend resources on traditional recruiting methods. The specialized service also helped them tap into a wider pool of talent, ensuring that they were able to find the best candidates for their organization.

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Cutting Down on Payment Fees

The Johnson Group's streamlined recruitment process helped ACCO save countless hours from recruitment and set up interviews with interested candidates. They were able to fill critical positions quickly with pre-screening options, enabling the company to continue its operations without any disruptions. Moreover, The Johnson Group's services were cost-effective, with no hidden fees or commissions, resulting in significant savings for the company.

Achieve Recruiting Success With The Johnson Group By Your Side

The Johnson Group's CRS service proved to be the perfect solution for ACCO Engineered Systems' recruiting needs. The specialized and tailored approach, along with the cost-effective payment structure, helped the company to overcome its challenges and achieve recruiting success. With the right talent in place, ACCO Engineered Systems was able to focus on its core business and continue to grow and thrive in its industry. The Johnson Group's expertise and services have undoubtedly made a significant impact on ACCO Engineered Systems' success and growth. Find the same results for your company by contacting The Johnson Group today!

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