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We Help AEC Firms Secure Hard To Find Talent Without Placement Fees Since 2006

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Unlike traditional recruiting firms, we serve as your in-house corporate recruiting team.

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Why AEC Firms Choose TJG

  • Our Founder, started his career at AECOM, has extensive expertise in AEC, and built our firm to serve the needs of AEC companies nationwide
  • Our experts have specialized exclusively in the AEC industry for 17 years
  • TJG is the solution to reduce the workload of recruiting aspects on Principals and their teams
  • We help AEC firms significantly increase revenue and help avoid turning away projects
  • Our team provides a dedicated in-house recruiting team to fill your company’s positions with speed and quality
  • Place hard to fill positions in 79 Days or less
  • 2.3x faster fill rate than industry average
  • We have developed a proprietary Passive Candidates Process™ powered by AI and automation
  • 98% of candidates hired through TJG stay long term at least 1-year
  • We guarantee savings over typical recruiting firms
  • We have grown our team to serve AEC firms in all 50 States
  • Our guarantee is to fill your positions or your money back
  • We have an extensive database of AEC candidates
  • Quality, Speed, and Value is our guarantee

Industry Expertise

With 17+ years of experience in architecture, engineering, construction, and the environmental industry. We are specialists in helping AEC firms acquire quality talent.

man writing edits on building blueprint


  • Project Architect
  • Studio Leader
  • Project Coordinator
  • Revit Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Interior Designer
  • Principal
  • BIM Manager
  • And more
man in yellow vest examining machine part


  • Licensed Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • H&H Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Wastewater Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • And more
group of construction workers on construction site


  • Project Manager
  • Estimator
  • Superintendent
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Director of Construction
  • Scheduler
  • Foreman
  • Construction Manager
  • And more
two biologists examining plants


  • Licensed Geologist
  • Env. Scientist
  • Remediation Engineer
  • Biologist
  • Env Planner
  • Soil Technician
  • Compliance Specialist
  • Env Field Inspector
  • And more

Case Studies


Quality: DAG Architecture

Projects: K-12, Higher Education, Government, Mixed Used, Hospitality

Pain Points: Lack of quality candidates from previous recruiting firms. Turning away projects due to unfilled positions.

Results: We built their custom recruiting playbook, deployed The Passive Candidate Process and hired a Project Architect in less than 90 days.

Here’s what Charlie had to say:

“I would recommend the Johnson Group for any of your talent seeking needs. By listening to our needs, their in-depth screening process, I am happy to say that The Johnson Group found our desired talent and we are excited to have them join our company.”

Charlie Clary - Principal


Speed: Petticoat-Schmitt

Projects: Construction services for Public Works, Water Resources, and Site Development.

Pain Points: Forced to outsource work and were experiencing projects delays.

Results: We built their custom recruiting playbook, deployed The Passive Candidate Process and hired a Survey Manager in 25 days!

Here’s what Austin had to say:

“Almost immediately after engaging with TJG, their efforts helped us fill a position with a very unique skill set that had been giving us trouble for several months.”

Austin Murphy - Development Director


Speed: ZAP Engineering & Construction Services, Inc.

Projects: Chemical, Midstream Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Manufacturing, and Cement, Mining, and Mineral processing

Pain Points: Struggled to find quality talent, requiring too much time away from key staff, overworked team members

Results: TJG delivered quality candidates fast, resulting in key hires and new roles to fill

Here’s what Haley had to say:

"During the first month, the team went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations! We had a candidate sent to us within the first two weeks week, and another by the end of the month – which is beyond the first month guarantee. Both were quality candidates that we decided to interview. They over delivered again in the second month with 4 quality candidates that we also interviewed."

Haley Johnson - Marketing Specialist


Speed: VCBO

Projects: K-12, Higher Education, Civic, Healthcare, Sports & Recreation, Religious, Industrial, and Commercial

Pain Points: Candidate search exhaustion and overworked employees

Results: TJG provided an abundance of candidates which resulted in an offer within the first month

Here’s what Carrie had to say:

"The Johnson Group team demonstrated a professional approach and a desire to perform the tasks the best way possible, and they exceeded our expectations! We had a candidate sent to us within a week, with three closely following.

We have had a total of 5 candidates sent to us in a month and a half and 1 pending job offer. I am 100% sure that this would not be the case without The Johnson Group and Bianca’s team."

Carrie Frampton - HR Manager


Value: Omni Design Incorporated

Projects: Public works, Warehouses, Battery Storage Facilities, Life Science, and Technology

Pain Points: Struggled to fill a position for over one year, overworked employees, and turning projects away

Results: TJG sought out the perfect candidate for the position within two months

Here’s what Juan had to say:

"Julie helped us fill a leadership position in a very small and competitive market that we struggled to fill in for almost a year. With the Johnson Group we filled it in less than 2 months. We have worked with other staffing firms before and by far the Johnson Group has been the most professional and efficient."

Juan Pablo Cal y Mayor - Corporate Development Manager

About Us

Our founder, Chris Johnson began his career with URS, which is now AECOM. Chris went on to join Aerotek, one of the largest recruiting companies in the world! During that time he became the #1 producer out of more than 3,000 employees nationwide. Chris was able to do this by optimizing his recruiting strategy. He noticed that most AEC firms suffered from 3 core challenges, poor fit, too slow, and too expensive.

In 2006, Chris started our firm The Johnson Group. His focus was to solve these problems with our 3-part approach. TJG aims to improve Quality, Speed, and Value. Chris noticed that most AEC firms typically experience dissatisfaction with typical recruiters and dislike placement fees. Chris knew there was a better solution to secure quality talent fast!

Thus he created the Corporate Recruiter Solution. Corporate Recruiter Solution allows our firm to become your company’s in-house corporate recruiting team. We will serve as an extension of your HR department or leadership team. Since our launch of Corporate Recruiter Solution, we have grown over 3,100%. We help AEC firms reduce workload stress and avoid turning away projects by finding quality talent fast. We currently help hundreds of clients nationwide and have secured thousands of key hires.

We have saved our clients thousands of dollars with guaranteed savings over placement fees. We guarantee Quality, Speed, and Value.

Would Quality Talent Fast Solve Your Problem?

We have 3 Core Differentiators, Quality, Speed, and Value


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  • Typical recruiting companies lack strong AEC experience
  • These companies present lower quality candidates because they don’t understand your needs
  • This results in wasted time, money, energy and unfilled positions


  • TJG has 17+ years of AEC specific experience
  • 95% of candidates presented by TJG are qualified for the position
  • 98% of candidates hired through TJG are a fit and continue to stay a minimum of 1-year


typical firsm header img.png


  • It takes too long to fill key positions, 5 to 6 months on average
  • Typical recruiting firms have no incentive to fill your roles fast
  • While you wait, you incur real costs, project delays, stress on existing staff, unable to take on new contracts, etc.
  • Most recruiting firms post and wait, only to sift through a pool of unqualified active candidates


  • We have built a proprietary Passive Candidates Process to provide your firm quality candidates fast
  • Our pipeline of quality AEC candidates continues to grow
  • Our average time to fill a position is 79 Days
  • We have a 2.3x faster fill rate than industry average


typical firsm header img.png


  • Typical recruiting firms charge 25-30% of annual salary
  • They charge large placement fees that creates a burden on cash flow
  • The effort it takes to fill a $100K role or a $150K is the same
  • You should not have to pay higher fees due to an increase in salary
  • We pass that savings on to you


  • We provide a dedicated in-house recruiting team to fill your company’s positions with speed and quality
  • No placement fees
  • We provide you significant guaranteed savings over typical recruiting firms
  • Our team is incentivized to fill your positions with quality talent fast
architect working on laptop while examining blueprints

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If we demonstrate our ability to provide you quality talent twice as fast, provide you savings over typical recruiting firms, and support it with a money back guarantee, would you be opposed to having us help you?

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